CFPCLearn acquires GoMainpro.

The Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) announced in July 2020 that the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) had acquired GoMainpro. With this exciting news, GoMainpro has been re-imagined and relaunched as CFPCLearn.

CFPCLearn is CFPC’s new online learning platform providing expansive continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education CME opportunities and is led by the Programs and Practice Supports Department’s Knowledge Experts and Tools (KET) Initiative.

The content on CFPCLearn is rich and diverse, including material carried over from GoMainpro, such as:

  • Tools for Practice evidence summaries
  • Podcasts and video recordings of Practical Talks for Family Docs, the CFPC’s collection of presentations on key clinical topics relevant to family practice in Canada
  • Video recordings of talks from the Practical Evidence for Informed Practice Conference and the Family Medicine Summit from the Alberta College of Family Physicians
  • A new interactive online game, Choose Your Briefs, based on the popular Jeopardy!-style game format that the Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research (PEER) team presents at medical conferences across Canada

Annual subscriptions for CFPCLearn will be available for $299 for CFPC members and $399 for non-members. To learn more visit

GoMainpro Subscriptions Update

All current GoMainpro subscribers will have their subscriptions transferred to CFPCLearn—the College of Family Physician of Canada (CFPC)’s new online learning platform. Your GoMainpro subscription will be transferred to a CFPCLearn subscription and honoured for the entire subscription period.

For GoMainpro subscription accounts that have expired in 2021 or will expire soon will receive a complimentary CFPCLearn subscription valid until June 30, 2021 to trial the new platform.

For more information about how to convert your GoMainpro subscription to a CFPCLearn subscription, email

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KET Initiative

Led by the CFPC, the KET Initiative endeavours to provide evidence-based tools, guidelines, and relevant CPD/CME opportunities developed with the realities of a typical family physician’s practice in mind. Most importantly, the KET Initiative’s funding is free from industry bias—contributing partners include the ACFP, Ontario College of Family Physicians, the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada. KET is guided by clinical expertise of the PEER (Patients, Experience, Evidence, and Research) group, a primary care led evidence based medicine team focused on providing relevant evidence to family physicians and primary care providers. Currently the Tools for Practice library is managed by the ACFP in support of the KET Initiative and provided as a free and accessible library.

Thank you for your support

Since 2014, the ACFP has proudly provided online opportunities to earn certified and non-certified Mainpro+ credits to members and non members across Alberta and Canada. The ACFP was the first chapter to launch a pan-Canadian online learning offering. Over the years, subscribers have represented members from all points of the country from the Yukon to British Columbia, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. We thank you for your support over the years.